5 reasons to connect a second monitor.

Sometimes in the movies or on the Internet you can find the following picture: a person surrounded by several monitors. Who are these people usually associated with? Programmers? Hackers? Traders? Air traffic controllers? Today we will see that there are many scenarios for using the second screen for the average user.

Why a second monitor is convenient

From mail to search engine, from search engine to messenger, then text editor, PDF document, calendar and back to browser. Working in several programs or online services at once is a daily occurrence, but due to the lack of screen space, we have to constantly switch between them. It is much more convenient when one monitor is completely dedicated to the main work (Word, Excel, CRM system, graphics program), and the second is used for other tools, for example, mail, instant messengers, dictionaries or reference books.

Separate monitor for toolbar

Many graphics and office programs (Adobe products, Libre Office, Gimp, Inkscape, etc.) allow you to use toolbars independently of the main window: to change their size and position. If you move all the panels you need to a second monitor, it turns out very conveniently - the main workspace becomes larger, and the necessary tools, for example, brush properties or font options, are always at hand on the second screen.

More collaboration options

To discuss the results of work with colleagues or customers, you can simply "invite" them to your computer, using software for remote screen sharing, as is done in webinars. A second monitor will greatly facilitate this task: one screen for showing to the interlocutor, the second for video chat and notes. The beauty!

The perfect laptop companion

Not all tasks are convenient to do on a laptop with a small screen. Someone solves this problem using a stationary computer and balances between two workplaces. A second laptop monitor would be a great alternative to using two computers. In addition, it is more economical in terms of money and space.

More convenience for multimedia

The work does not always require full attention - sometimes you can turn on the music in the background or listen to the podcast in half. But now you want to switch the track or pause - please! There is no need to look for a minimized player on the taskbar - it is constantly open on the next monitor like a music center on a shelf.

In the same way, you can open the online movie theater Wink , where you can find everything from Hollywood novelties to world classics. Well, well, you have no time to watch, because you have to work. But children and other household members, who usually wait their turn to the computer, will appreciate this opportunity.

A second monitor is easy

To work with two monitors, no additional software is required - everything is configured using your operating system and video driver. In addition, Windows "remembers" your preferences - and the next time you start a program, it displays its window exactly on the monitor on which it was last launched.

Additional monitor settings window in Windows 10

For dessert, I'll also tell you that there are applications ( Spacedesk , for example) that allow you to use any iOS or Android device as a second monitor. The connection is made via Wi-Fi or USB cable.

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