Marusia will help: smart speaker with voice assistant.

Capsule is the name of the new smart speaker with built-in voice assistant Marusya. The developers adapted it to work with Russian services, endowed it with an original sense of humor, and made it not only useful for adults, but also interesting for children. We look at what she can do and in what stands out against the background of similar solutions.

A friendly and intelligent Capsule can be assigned to search for a movie for the evening, ask for a transport schedule, and even entrust communication with a child. All that is required is to refer to the column by name and clearly formulate your request: "Marusya, what time is it?"

What Capsule with voice assistant Marusya can do

This option helps a lot when there is no phone at hand, and there is no time or desire to type a text request in a computer browser. Voice assistant Marusya can be asked to set an alarm, voice the latest news, find out about the weather, perform a simple mathematical operation, etc. Since the column and VKontakte are integrated, with the help of Marusya you can call a friend on this social network, who is also online.

And Marusya will also tell you the current exchange rate, tell about today's holiday, make you laugh with a random anecdote from the Internet and even help you make a decision by tossing a virtual coin!

Manages the Wink service

No buttons - just a voice command to fully control Wink TV , where you can access over 3000 movies, TV shows, cartoons and other entertaining and educational content. The service supports viewing control: you can pause any broadcast, and then continue watching from anywhere, as well as search for your favorite films and TV shows in the archive. With voice assistant Marusya, you don't even have to pick up the remote control or think about where to send the broadcast (the service allows you to watch videos on five different devices with one subscription). Just say: “Marusya, turn the TV down by 5”, “Marusya, turn on the next channel”, “Marusia, turn on the TNT channel” or “Marusya, turn on“ Game of Thrones ”.

Controls smart home

If you actively use smart gadgets, the voice assistant Marusya will be able to control them within the smart home. So, Marusia can give commands to light bulbs, sockets and household appliances.

The simplest scenario for using a smart speaker is lighting control: "Marusya, turn on the light in the bedroom" or "Marusya, turn down the brightness of the lamp in the kitchen." It is even more interesting to operate household appliances, you can say: "Marusya, turn off the iron" or "Marusya, turn on the kettle."

Entertains children

Voice assistant Marusya is the child's best friend - after the parents and the tablet, of course. She can turn on the soundtrack to her favorite cartoon at any time and find any song, even if you only remember a couple of words from it. Marusya knows a lot of fairy tales and will read them to the kid with pleasant background music while you are busy with other things.

Marusya will become a good helper in the entertainment of children for several reasons:

  • the child does not get tired of the eyes, as is the case with a smartphone or TV;
  • kids love to repeat after Marusya and so they learn new sounds and words;
  • the voice assistant knows many educational games;
  • Marusya is not boring - the service is constantly evolving and supplemented with new functions.

Special attention should be paid to immersive fairy tales with augmented sound reality, which involve the child in a real virtual adventure. Mom reads a fairy tale, and voice assistant Marusya selects sounds suitable for the plot, for example, the roar of a dragon!

Also, the voice assistant can simply read other fairy tales: short for falling asleep and long for an exciting pastime, folk and famous Russian, Soviet and foreign writers.

When a child reaches the age of "why", parents have a difficult time: they need to quickly answer questions like "why the sky is blue", "where does the rainbow come from" or "how does the caterpillar move." In order not to study the encyclopedia, you can redirect the baby's requests to Marusa. She will answer them in a friendly way, she will not be annoyed with the one hundred and first question about the same thing, and she will also entertain the child - she will turn on a song for him, offer him to guess the animal, teach new tongue twisters, tell about popular professions and prepare for school by helping to study the multiplication table. It doesn't matter if the kid is just learning to speak or gives out one hundred words per minute - Marusya will find an approach to everyone.

Works like a music column

Front-facing speakers, 30 W of power, and the development of professional sound engineers make the smart speaker the ideal home music device. It can play music from any device that supports Bluetooth - it is through this protocol that data is transmitted.

The easiest way to evaluate the Capsule with voice assistant Marusya in action is to use a subscription (6 months go as a gift to every new speaker buyer) to the VKontakte streaming music service. If you don't renew your subscription after a six-month trial period, you can still listen to music for free, but through radio stations.

Other musical abilities this smart speaker has:

  • reproduces playlists - yours and other social network users;
  • selects music to suit the mood: cheerful, energetic, romantic, etc .;
  • is guided in genres and eras (for example, "Marusya, turn on the music of the 90s");
  • compiles thematic collections of children's songs.

Do not hesitate to ask voice assistant Marusya questions "with an asterisk" - ask her to play a song similar in style to something familiar to you ("Marusya, play music similar to Red Hot Chili Peppers"), music from the film ("Marusya, play the main song from "La-La-Land") or ask what is playing on TV now ("Maroussia, what song is playing now?"). At the same time, Marusya will respond to your request from a distance of up to 7 meters thanks to 6 digital sensitive microphones.

If you don't want Marusya to hear your conversation, turn off the microphones. To do this, press the button on the back of the Capsule.

What else is interesting about the Capsule with voice assistant Marusya

Purrs like a real kitten. To hear the soft feline "mrrrrr ...", it is enough to stroke the Capsule on the touch panel from above.

Marusia is always friendly and gentle in communication, she does not joke out of place and is always correct. It is the perfect conversation partner for both adults and children.

How to control a smart speaker

Turn on the Capsule, and Maroussia herself will tell you how to connect the speaker to a wireless network. Next, install a proprietary application on your smartphone or tablet (available for iOS and Android) and select the parameters necessary for operation in it. Here you can connect smart home devices, activate voice activation, synchronize with your VKontakte account and learn about the additional capabilities of the gadget.

Voice commands are the main way to control your smart speaker, but some actions can be performed by touching the touch panel on the chassis. If you make circular movements with your fingers, the sound volume will change, quickly touch one point three times - turn on the wireless module, and one short touch will pause music playback.

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